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That nothing — not booze, not love, not sex, not work, not moving from state to state — will make the past disappear.
Marya Hornbacher, “Wasted” (via lifeinpoetry)
I have trouble personally dealing with anger. What is the best thing to remember when feeling overwhelmed with anger and emotion? I love your page by the way.


Anger comes from wanting and expecting things to be different than they are. If you are stuck in traffic you get angry because you don’t want to be in the traffic. You want to be home or you want to be where you are going. But there you are stuck. This is life, it is not how you want it to be at times, no one controls this, this is just how it is. Try to see that your expectations on life are what cause you to be angry. Life is just life. It is not there to make you angry, it’s just there. Just try and accept and see that the world and it’s events and are out if your control. The people who make you angry are out of your control. Events and people are too complicate to truly control. You may be able to control small bits of it, but not the whole there are too many moving parts too many thing involved to be controlled. Try to sense this. Try to just see this. If you can you can just drop the anger, why be angry at something that you can only control a small part of, if that?

Try to see the connectedness of all things, see how the things you don’t like and resist are connected to the things that bring you pleasure. See that one has to be for the other to be. If you truly see that all things are connected and that nothing stands alone by itself simply to make you mad, you’ll realize that anger doesn’t make much sense.

If realize that to enjoy something there has to be something produced that you don’t enjoy you will feel less attacked by the works and it will appear less hostile. You will see the need for these bad things. To make an omelet you have to crack eggs. To wear clean clothes you have to do the laundry. To live in a nice big city you have to be stuck in traffic. Both these things make up life, the good and the bad come together and are both necessary for live, for change and for growth.

So, I’d say the thing to keep in mind is that the thing that makes you angry is necessary and ultimately out if your control. It is necessary for the things that make you angry to have the things you find joyful. These things are connected. You may not see the connection but it is there, all things are connected and are necessary. Life has no unnecessary events or spare parts; all are needed for life to live. Seeing this you can just drop the anger and just be.

I hope this is of some help.




It makes me happy knowing that someone had to animate that. 


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